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Welcome to Faraday Ozone!

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Welcome To Faraday Ozone

Faraday Ozone Manufactures Corona Discharge Ozone Generators, Air Sterilizers, Oxygen Concentrators, Ozone Monitors, Controllers for Air, Water and Waste water treatment. The company always relied on its strong technical background, which was built up by establishing laboratory and testing facilities apart from acquiring knowledge through literature, standards and interaction with actual users and customers world wide.


Our Technology

Faraday Pioneers in corona discharge & high frequency power supplies that's the heart beat of every ozone generators.

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Research & Development


Faraday Ozone follow comprehensive quality control measures at stage of design & production of our products.

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Our Facilities

Faraday Ozone is headquartered in the industrious city of Coimbatore in INDIA. Our green field manufacturing.

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