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Our Facility

Our facility

Faraday Ozone is headquartered in the industrious city of Coimbatore in INDIA. Our green field manufacturing facility houses our highly skilled manpower combined with best-in-class equipments for manufacuring, research purposes and quality adherence. We as a manufacurer are certified under international quality standards such as ISO 9001 : 2008 and our products are also is in conformance with CE European norms such as EMC directive and LVD directive. With around 2 decades of experience in ozone technology, we have completed over 10000+ installations across the globe for industrial applications alone.

 R&D testing


Our well built infrastructure combined with a State-of-art research laboratory in our main facility is actively into various applications of ozone technology, product innovation, design development and extensive testing. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards to perform continuously with zero downtime and exceeding expectations. All our products are properly engineered right from scratch and thoroughly tested. We at Faraday understand quality.

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