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Benefits of Ozone

• Ozone is 51% more powerful on bacterial cell walls than chlorine.
• Ozone kills bacteria 3100 times faster than chlorine.
• Ozone is the most powerful broad spectrum microbiological control agent available.
• Ozone eliminates the use of hot water and conventional sanitizer.
• Ozone virtually eliminates all chemical usage.
• Ozone is chemical-free; it produces NO toxic by-products.
• Ozone has full FDA-approval for direct-food contact application.
• Ozone is clean and environment-friendly; its only by-product is oxygen.
• Ozone is extremely effective as a disinfectant at relatively low concentrations.
• Ozone is generated on site eliminating the transporting, storing and handling of hazardous materials.
• Ozone is very inexpensive to produce and has an unlimited supply.
• Ozone is much safer for employees than any conventional chemicals.
• Ozone extends the shelf life of food products.
• Ozone permits recycling of wastewater.
• Ozone reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).

Ozone Applications

Ozone applications

Ozone has many applications including waste water treatment, swimming pools, food sanitation, aquariums, agriculture, air purification, laundries and many more. Ozone is generated on site from oxygen in many applications, eliminating the need to haul chemicals or other dangerous products.

In many applications ozone saves money, the environment, and time. Ozone is much healthier and safer to use than harsh caustic chemicals, and it does a better job. There are many applications where thermo oxidation is used to disinfect or clean. Ozone can do the same job as thermo oxidation, but with the advantage of working in cold environments - thus providing savings in energy and money.