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Air Treatment

Faraday Ozone in air treatment

The Purification Process Oxidation :

Ozone, when introduced into the atmosphere in low levels is an excellent air purifier. Ozone in itself is an unstable three-part molecule of oxygen. When an ozone molecule contacts a pollutant, it attaches itself to it and changes its molecular structure in most cases to carbon dioxide and hydrogen. By destroying viruses, bacteria and other microbial contaminants, the source of the odor is eliminated and the odor does not return. Ozone destroys the contaminant molecule; it does not mask it as other methods do. Ozone treats all of the air, not just the air that is pulled into it as do the vast majority of electronic filters that are on the market today. Ozone residual will revert back to pure oxygen, making it environmentally friendly.

Ozone in Air treatment

Why Instaclean ?

 To remove smoke & odors instantly
 Sterilize bacteria, virus & molds
 Long power supply cord for easy operation
 High speed blower to cover long distance
 High ozone output - corona discharge cells


Features :

• Destroys odors: tobacco smoke, pet, cooking, and chemical 
• Kills bacteria, airborne viruses and other micro organisms Eliminates odor without producing any hazardous byproduct
• Removes allergy causing pollen and microbes
• Prevents mold and mildew, the leading cause of Legionnaires Disease 
• Its natures own purifying process

Applications :

• Hotel Rooms
• A/C Cabins
• Dr’s Cabins
• Fire Restoration
• Operation Theater
• Hospital
• Home, Office and public spaces


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