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Faraday Ozone in Laundry application


Ozone Systems for Laundries : LX-Series

Faraday is leaders in Ozone Technology products and Specialize in Laundry application. We have standard models for various capacities best suitable for your application. 

LX-Series is designed specifically for laundry washer. It is directly integrated to the washer and sends ozonated water whenever the washer needs water. It has inbuilt sensor for automatic operation. 


Ozone Laundry Benefits :

• No Hot water (Zero) 

• Huge electricity savings (Nearly 80% if electrical heater is used)

• Reduced Cycle time (Nearly 50%)

• Water savings (Nearly 30%)

• Detergent savings (Nearly 95%)

• Shorter drying time

• Huge labour savings

• Increased fabric life (2 -7 times)

• No Heat built up in washing room

• Reduce carbon footprint

• Operational efficiency

• Complete disinfection

• Effluent quality towards Green

• Improved Air Quality

• Superior finished product. No chemical residue

System Benefit :

Water heating cost reduction (100%): Conventional washing methods require that 70% of wash water be heated to temperatures in ranges of 60º to 82º for proper stain removal when used in conjunction with conventional chemicals. With our ozone washing system,  water is not heated at all normal water will be sufficient.

Chemical cost reductions (95%) :

Ozone substantially reduces the amount of washchemicals required to achieve the same or better results than conventional processing. The oxidizing power of ozone dissolved in the wash water attacks oxidizable soils and chemically transforms insoluble soil into soluble substances.

Water and sewage cost reductions (100%) :

Major water and sewer savings are achieved only in the closed loop (recycling) configuration, although the open loop (non-recycling) system will reduce water consumption somewhat (20-30%) by cutting the rinse time.

Improved sewage quality (30-50%) : 

The oxidizing power of ozone in the wash wheel breaks down soils, bacteria, and other microorganisms, which constitute the biological oxygen demand, before they reach the drain area. Also, by decreasing the chemicals rinsed down the drain, the chemical oxygen demand levels are greatly improved. Because ozone is an effective waste-water treatment chemical, some laundries have actually saved money by reduced surcharges from city sewer companies.

Increased productivity (10-45%) :

The ozone washing system can, almost without exception, reduce the wash formula time of any laundry facility. In most cases 25-30% of wash time is spent rinsing or filling and draining the washer while different chemistry is being applied to the linen.


How ozone gets to your washer ?

Ozone in laundry




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