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State-of-art research laboratory in our main facility is actively into various application of ozone technology, product innovation, design development and extensive testing. Our Research and Development team works extensively on ozone based technologies and comes up with leading edge products and solutions. We have a vast experience in Plasma Science, High Voltage Engineering, Thermal Transfer Efficiencies, Mechanical CAD, PLC SW and Automation, Networking and Remote Monitoring.

Our High Voltage, High Frequency Corona Discharge technology enables us to achieve High ozone concentrations of 8 – 12 % by weight. Higher the concentration, better the dissolved ozone efficiency in water and lower the oxygen feed gas requirement / consumption. The technologies involved in corona discharge ozone generation are varied, but all operate fundamentally by passing dried, oxygen-containing gas through an electrical field. The electrical current causes the “split” in the oxygen (O2) molecules in the gas. The resulting oxygen atoms (O-), seeking stability, attach to other oxygen molecules (O2), forming ozone (O3). The ozone is injected into the water, or air stream, where it inactivates contaminants by actually rupturing the organism’s cell wall. At the heart of a corona discharge ozone system is the dielectric. The electrical charge is diffused over this dielectric surface, creating an electrical field, or “corona”.

Faraday Ozone Technology

Advantages of Corona Discharge ozone generation :

• Small construction allowing generator to be installed in virtually any area

• Creates a more pure form of ozone without creating other harmful or irritating gases

• Corona cell life can exceed ten years

• Can create high quantities of ozone (up to 100-lbs/day) The lifetime of ozone generator is 10 years.

The warranty period of equipment is one year generally. A part of power which can’t produce ozone will be transformed into heat. The heat will be released by colling fans / cooling water. Our Ozone generators are designed for 24-hour continuous working.