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Ozone Air Sterilizer - AS100

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Our Instaclean AS100 a portable air sterilizer/sanitizer that uses ozone for treatment of rooms, halls etc by circulating ozone inside the room using inbuilt blowers. This instaclean can be used almost everywhere - anyplace where odour needs to be removed or area should be sterilized/sanitized and made free of micro organisms.

Our Instaclean is suitable for room sizes of upto 5000 cubic feet for 1 hour treatment time and also for heavy odour/microbial treatment. This Instaclean comes with a programmed timer control to be set for 5 minutes, 10 minutes and such based on the room size.

Ozone air sterilizer application

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The Purification Process Oxidation :

Ozone, when introduced into the atmosphere in low levels is an excellent air purifier. Ozone in itself is an unstable three-part molecule of oxygen. When an ozone molecule contacts a pollutant, it attaches itself to it and changes its molecular structure in most cases to carbon dioxide and hydrogen. By destroying viruses, bacteria and other microbial contaminants, the source of the odor is eliminated and the odor does not return. Ozone destroys the contaminant molecule; it does not mask it as other methods do. Ozone treats all of the air, not just the air that is pulled into it as do the vast majority of electronic filters that are on the market today. Ozone residual will revert back to pure oxygen, making it environmentally friendly.

Why Instaclean ?

• To remove smoke & odors instantly
Sterilize bacteria, virus & molds
Long power supply cord for easy operation
High speed blower to cover long distance
High ozone output - corona discharge cells

Features :

Destroys odors: tobacco smoke, pet, cooking, and chemical 
Kills bacteria, airborne viruses and other micro organisms Eliminates odor without producing any hazardous byproduct
Removes allergy causing pollen and microbes
Prevents mold and mildew, the leading cause of Legionnaires Disease 
Its natures own purifying process

Applications :

Hotel Rooms
A/C Cabins
Dr’s Cabins
Fire Restoration
Operation Theater
Home, Office and public spaces

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications

Power Input 110 / 230 V AC 50 / 60 Hz single phase
Power Consumption 50 Watts
Principle Of Operation High Frequency Corona Discharge
Ozone Output 2000 mg/hr
Operating Method Programmable timer control or Manual operation
Timer 0 - 60 min
Dimensions (LxWxH) 41.5X16X27.2 cm
Encolsure Material Stainless Steel
Weight 3.980 kg


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How Ozone Works ?

Ozone is a gas. And it's made of just one thing-oxygen.Ozone is a very strong disinfectant and oxidizer. Any pathogen or contaminant that can be disinfected, altered or removed via an oxidation process will be affected by ozone. It is the strongest of all molecules available for disinfection in water treatment, and is second only to elemental fluorine in oxidizing power. Compared to chlorine, the most common water disinfection chemical, ozone is a more than 50% stronger oxidizer and acts over 3,000 times faster. Both chlorine and fluorine are highly toxic chemicals.

For more than a century, ozone has been used in Europe for purifying drinking water. Here in the United States, ozone is used for purifying bottled water and for decontaminating cooling towers. The City of Los Angeles currently uses ozone to purify its water supply. But ozone is not limited to drinking water.

On June 23, 2001, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration officially granted GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) status to ozone for use in food-contact applications. With full FDA approval in place, food processors immediately began putting this exciting new technology to use in their plants.

Today, ozone technology is used in the processing of meat, poultry, seafood and fresh produce because it is recognized as the safest, most cost-effective and chemical-free way of dealing with food safety management. Knowledgeable food processors have identified the No. 1 benefit of using ozone—it extends the shelf life of their product—so important in the competitive world of today’s international food industry.

Benefits of Ozone :

• Ozone is 51% more powerful on bacterial cell walls than chlorine.
• Ozone kills bacteria 3100 times faster than chlorine.
• Ozone is the most powerful broad spectrum microbiological control agent available.
• Ozone eliminates the use of hot water and conventional sanitizer.
• Ozone virtually eliminates all chemical usage.
• Ozone is chemical-free; it produces NO toxic by-products.
• Ozone has full FDA-approval for direct-food contact application.
• Ozone is clean and environment-friendly; its only by-product is oxygen.
• Ozone is extremely effective as a disinfectant at relatively low concentrations.
• Ozone is generated on site eliminating the transporting, storing and handling of hazardous materials.
• Ozone is very inexpensive to produce and has an unlimited supply.
• Ozone is much safer for employees than any conventional chemicals.
• Ozone extends the shelf life of food products.
• Ozone permits recycling of wastewater.
• Ozone reduces Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD).

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