• Longer shelf life
  • Water and energy efficiency
  • Disinfects & Preservates Fruits & Vegetables
  • Air-born microbiological and odour control
  • No need of harmful chemical

Food industry including vegetable, meat and sea food processing industry due to its important role in human health it has to be treated as an industry requiring very high standards of hygiene. This is to ensure that there are no bacteria, virus, mold or fungi bread in the foods to be processed or packaged for human consumption. As a result, the use of ozone has increased many folds in the food industry in the last decade. Ozonated washing produce disinfection beats traditional methods that leave residual chemicals and impact off foul smell and flavor.

Product Selection


  • Higher levels of ozone can be used before altering the taste or appearance of the product
  • Ozone improves taste and appearance over the use of chlorination alone and results in better quality
  • Ozone lowers counts of spoilage microorganisms in wash water and on produce surface therefore it longer shelf life
  • Ozone keeps wash water cleaner longer and less water usage
  • An ozone treatment is capable of destroying pesticides and chemical residues in wash water
  • Implementing ozone reduces the risk of cross-contamination of pathogens
  • Ozone leaves no chemical residue
  • Ozone is natural and chemical free allowing the use of ozone in organic food production and processing
  • An ozone system mitigates the need for storage, handling, use and disposal of chemical sanitation agents

Products for Food Processing

Below are the essential ozone generator products and its accessories required for Food Processing


Domestic Ozone Sterilizier


Air Feed Ozone Generator


Ozone Skid System


Complete Skid System


Dissolved Ozone Monitor


Ambient Ozone Monitor


Ozone Destructor


Mixing Pump and Injector

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Faraday exactly suggest you the perfect ozone system for your food processing. We do have several capacities of ozone generator and its accessories which makes you to select the best from us. We mainly focus on the quality of the products and also we are very well expertised in food processing application as our products are exported all over the world, especially we have more customers in Middle East countries - Qatar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Dubai etc.

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