OXY-series is a medical oxygen concentrator capable of generating 5 lpm oxygen gas. It uses ambient air to deliver continuous and concentrated flow of oxygen.

It runs on electricity and the only maintenance required is the regular cleaning of filters. Its internal air compressor, aluminum sieve beds with state-of-the-art molecular sieve material, filtration and flow of control systems are designed for years of operation. Our oxygen modules incorporate proven pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principles into a unique patented design which is far more compact, efficient, rugged and lower in cost than conventional PSA systems.

  • Quiet Operation - less than 48 dBA
  • Easy to transport and maneuver
  • Slender & Sleek Cabinet design with integrated handles
  • Spring mounted high efficiency oil less air compressor
  • Quick Snap rear panel allows easy access to filters
  • Superior grade of molecular sieve
  • Oxygen purity monitoring & indication
  • Exclusive moisture reducing wick assembly
  • Alarm for service / maintenance
  • Circuit breaker incorporated for safety
  • PSA Technology
Model Oxygen Capacity Outlet Pressure Oxygen Percentage Electrical Rating Dimension Weight Submit Enquiry
OXY-5 1 to 5 lpm 8.5 + or - 0.5 psi 93% + or - 3% 230 V, 50 Hz, 320 W 620 x 430 x 320 in mm 15.9 kgs