Oxygen Generator

Faraday Ozone has a wide range of Oxygen Generation solutions providing oxygen at high level of purity from 5 lpm to 960 lpm for medical and industrial applications.

Faraday Oxygen Generating Systems are designed to produce oxygen on-site by using the pressure swing absorption technology to ensure constant flow of oxygen at the required specification. Faraday offers variety of oxygen products ranging from Medical Oxygen Concentrator, Industrial Oxygen Concentrator, Modular Oxygen System and PSA Oxygen Plant.

During the second wave of COVID-19, Faraday Ozone was instrumental in installing oxygen generation systems in more than 50 sites across Tamil Nadu serving more than 2000 beds in record time. We are one of the manufacturers chosen for manufacturing of oxygen concentrators under the PM Cares Initiative.

Medical Oxygen Concentrator

5 lpm and 10 lpm


Generates oxygen using the PSA principle. Comes with an inbuilt air compressor and provides oxygen round the clock which delivers up to 10 liters per minute with varying flow requirements.

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Industrial Oxygen Concentrator

5 lpm to 100 lpm


Perfecly suitable for various applications such as ozone production, waste water treatment and many more. It uses ambient air to deliver continuous and concentrated flow of oxygen.

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