Ozone Generator

Faraday Ozone has over 25 years of experience in design and manufacturing of Ozone Generating Systems ranging from 1 gm/hr to 50 kgm/hr suitable for various applications.

Faraday Ozone Generators are designed to produce ozone by our high voltage high frequency corona discharge technology enables us to achieve high ozone concentrations of 8 – 12% by weight. Produced ozone is used effectively in water treatment and air treatment.

Faraday offers different series of Ozone Generators. Each type of Ozone Generator has unqiue and patented design that offer various ranges, features and integrations required for different applications and running conditions. We are also experts in inventing customized ozone system to deliver complete ozone solutions for various applications.

Ozone Generator A-series

Air Feed Ozone Generator


Ready to use, compact, low cost, ozone generator suited for small ozone requirement of up to 20 gm/hr. Inbuilt oil free compressor, provides ozone gas, by just giving power connection to it.

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Ozone Generator L-series

Oxygen Feed Ozone Generator


Designed for high performance to work with external oxygen or dry air as feed gas to produce ozone. Most ideal for industrial applications where higher ozone required of up to 300 gm/hr.

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Ozone Generator M-series

Oxygen Integrated Ozone Generator


Most advanced systems suitable for high ozone concentration, comes with inbuilt oxygen modules, safety features, automatic process to produces ozone up to 200 gm/hr.

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Ozone Generator B-series

Water Cooled Ozone Generator


Designed to utilize our patented ozone block technology, it works from external oxygen to produce high concentration ozone of upto 10% by weight and works for continuous operation.

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OEM Ozone Generator



Exclusive OEM range of ozone generators supply to various ozone companies throughout the world for various applications. Compact design and ready to fix into an enclosure.

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